Pharmaceutical , Essential Drugs & Machinery


    • Active Pharmaceutical ingredients and Raw material
    • Alternative Medicine & Natural Extracts
    • Analytical & Laboratory Services
    • Biotechnology & Biopharmaceutical
    • Clinical Trials & Management
    • Contract Services & Development
    • Diagnostics , Testing & Bio Services
    • Fine & Pure Chemical
    • Inactive Substance and Drug Formulation
    • Intermediates & Catalysts
    • Generic Pharmaceutical
    • Laboratory Equipment & Tools
    • Logistics , Distribution & Marketing
    • Packaging & labeling
    • Personalized medicine and Custom manufacturing
    • Pharmaceutical Technology & Trends
    • Pharmaceutical Products & Finished Dosage


Nabz Va Darman holding Company presents all constructional services in association with research, development and manufacturing pharmaceutical plants including: providing physical plans, designing, architecture, installation engineering, structural and construction calculations with regard to as a turnkey projects by using experts in the framework of national rules and regulations and regarding global standards.

This group defines its consulting and executive services as senior executive consultant to directors and importers of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, hygienic and food industries in the following:

●  Participation and investment in manufacturing and production- import, export and distribution of pharmaceutical items and raw material.

● Participation and investment in projects in order to design and build standard pharmaceutical plants.

● Import of pharmaceutical machinery, raw material and medicine.


● Identification and negotiation with valid and international companies as your required pharmaceutics supplier- obtaining exclusive representative and making international contracts with mentioned companies- registration, filing, obtaining import license for medicine placing, drug licensing, keeping the pricing process and trading affairs including: order, transportation and logistics, banking, import and clearance of medicine- scientific and active marketing for all products in specialized and high specialized groups- holding related informational seminars– distribution and sales of pharmaceutical.

● presenting basic and effective managerial services to manufacturer, importer or distributor of pharmaceutical, hygienic, cosmetic or food companies which that face with administrative problems and disorders in the fields of manufacturing, import, promotion, marketing, sale, maintaining and improvement of market shares, financial and even economic matters.

● Introduction and export of all manufacturing products to global addresses after product optimization and getting licenses and certifications from authorized and international pharmaceutical, hygienic, cosmetic, and food organization.

● Comprehensive and pervasive cooperation with knowledge based companies in all fields and areas.