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Planning, Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities, Hospital & Research Center

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Nabz Va Darman holding company informs as follow all services and construction activities associated with design and construction of super specialized and high specialized hospitals, including presentation of physical plan, designing, architecture, plant engineering, structural calculations, building and running hospitals and supplying medical equipment using the expertise within the framework of national rules and regulations and regarding global standards.


Turnkey execution of construction projects comply with (hospital, clinical, diagnostic, sanitary and research standards …)

Presenting proper consultancy and executive cooperation from establishment of specialized and high specialized projects to final utilization.

Supplying semi-consumable and consumable medical equipment in general, specialized and high specialized groups.

Coordination and management in obtaining licenses including hospital, therapeutic and hygienic, medical equipment and banking from the beginning until the end of the project.

Projects sales and marketing management (evaluation, introduction, rating down the prices of hospitals and medical centers, presenting their shares to adresses)

Providing promotion and rebuilding programs to hospitals and medical centers hospitals which have low efficiency or no efficiency and converting them to profitable medical centers with reformation of physical spaces and changing executive and managerial processes.

Engineering group: architecture, structures, electrical and mechanical installations, interior design and medical equipment

Management group: quality management, hospital equipment, planning, financial and economic processes, hospital HR and maintenance management.